2018 Law & Social Change Jam

2018 Law & Social Change Jam, July 25-29, 2018, Ukiah, California

Each Law and Social Change Jam brings participants together for a week of exploration, community building, and visioning. A Jam is not about “creating the newest and best coalition.” It is about nurturing community. It’s about helping you do what you already do even better. It’s about connecting the dots of diverse social change working movements. Because we don’t just need better ideas, maybe we need to understand how they are all connected. Maybe, in order to make real world we dream of, we need to create and nurture deeper relationships.

We are excited to gather legal professionals and law-related folks who are catalyst for change in their practices and communities. We are lawyers who are whole, peacemakers, healers, and agents for radical love. As lawyers, we hold a place of privilege and power to accelerate and codify change.

We are part of a growing international movement for change in the approaches to law, which include Integrative Law, Restorative Justice, Transformative Law, Collaborative Law, Sharing Economy Law, Oppositional Cultural Practice Law, Mindful Lawyering, Natural Justice and Natural Law. We are coming to experience our interconnectedness and explore how to make the collective impact the world is calling for. We will inquire into how to remain true to our core values and remain as the best advocates for our clients, while also caring for each other and ourselves as part of a profession with such high rates of burnout, stress, and anxiety.

Apply today! Application deadline is June 5, 2018.

We welcome that piece and every piece of you to the Jam. The Jam is a space for us to show not only our clarity but also the questions we are living with. Questions like: How can we use our lives, connections, opportunities, and resources to live healthy lives and work collaboratively for positive impact in the world? How can we deepen our understanding of current realities, so as to better understand what positive impact even is? How do we inspire ourselves, traditional and nontraditional lawyers, especially given the deep and somewhat terrified state of flux the profession is in, by some metrics? How can we find a healthy relationship to our gifts, skills, and resources that serves our purpose and contribution? As lawyers and changemakers, how can we forge a shared vision out of the complexities of living here in this time? How can we build bridges across divides within and among ourselves? How do we work with the aggressiveness and adversarial nature of some of our legal training, when we seek to build a world based in compassion and understanding? What kind of healing can we give, and what kind of healing do we need to receive? How do we thrive at all levels of our lives?

“Hurt people hurt people,” as the old adage goes. This insight sheds light on our legal and political institutions, how we treat each other within these institutions, and the impact this is having on individuals, communities, and broader society. It also seems more relevant than ever in our fractured and hostile world.

We also believe that “healed–or healing–people heal people.” As more and more legal professionals are called into the service of social transformation, we invite you to engage in the soul-making and healing work of personal reflection, deep listening, and community-building as a way to strengthen our collective capacity for the work we are doing now, and the road ahead.

We invite you to come seeking common ground, while acknowledging the importance of difference; to arrive with openness and curiosity, while acknowledging that this can be hard; and to be ready to tune in more to the wisdom of the heart, body, and soul, and less to the analytical mind. We invite you to bring all of who you are, to see the whole in everyone else, and as a collective, to explore how we are walking similar, parallel, and diverging paths towards a better future.

Throughout our time together, we’ll share where we are at in our lives and work, and reflect on whether that place still serves us, the people we work with and care about, and the world. We’ll also explore how to care for ourselves and each other in a profession infused by burnout, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and suicide.

And we’ll engage, create, tangle & untangle, challenge & be challenged, struggle, and dream, in ways we can’t even predict.

Come join a growing community of law jammers who are building a more just, loving, inclusive, mindful, and healing legal system and world, at the fourth annual Law and Social Change Jam.

Apply today! Application deadline is June 5, 2018.