Injunctions Don’t Mean We Stop

We are hosting a dinner + concert (aka Dincert) to raise money for SF-based Dolores Street Community Services and Arizona-based Florence Project on Saturday, June 30th at 5pm at the Oakland Yard Wine Shop. Donation links are at The Backyard Party Kings will be giving us life!

The Florence Project and Dolores Street Community Services are providing legal representation and social services to migrant men, women and children. We are throwing this event together very last minute because these organizations have a huge and immediate need for funds/resources. The recent injunction–while a shining light–does not mean our work is done. Please give generously and RSVP by emailing

What is Dincert? Dincert’s mission is to raise money for non-profits that provide direct-services, so that they can focus on the hard work, rather than having to navigate the waters of traditional philanthropy, funds, endowments, and giving-channels. We raise money by throwing events (which we cleverly called Dincerts) that highlight the glory of local musicians, neighborhood restaurants, and home-made food. Learn more about us at

For More Information:

We are raising money for two organizations that are desperately in need of funding and doing incredibly important work in both Arizona and the Bay Area:

The Florence Project is the only organization providing direct services to detainees in southern Arizona. They have been doing this work for 30 years. In the last 2 years alone, they have served more than 25,000 people. Of those clients, over 17,000 were children. The Florence Project typically sees between 500-600 open cases a year concerning children detainees (for the entire year)–but to date this year, they have opened more than 800 cases concerning children who have been detained. In addition, they usually see around 100-150 cases of family separation each year–to date this year that number is already at 425.

Dolores Street Community Services (DSCS) is an SF-based organization that represents an average of 100 immigrants facing deportation each year in California. Of the last 25 immigrant adults they represented, they won release from detention or relief from deportation in 23 of their cases (for what it’s worth, that is a nearly unheard of victory-level). They also represent about 50 cases a year dealing with families and unaccompanied children. Of the last 30 of such cases, they won relief from deportation for 100%. They also provide legal consultations and DACA and asylum application assistance.


The Location. The Oakland Yard Wine Shop has graciously and generously donated their space for our fundraiser. This allows us to open the event up more widely and solicit more donations. They sell wines by the bottle and glass, which will be available for purchase the night of the Dincert. The shop will be donating half of all proceeds from such sales to Florence Project and DSCS.

Why do you throw Dincerts? We started Dincert because we believe that resistance to injustice is strengthened and emboldened by hope and community–specifically through music, art and food. We want to bring people together not just to raise awareness and money, but to remind people that our humanity is common, that our struggle and joys are connected.

The Dinner. Dinner will be a buffet-style smorgasbord of local Oakland cuisine and dishes cooked by Mandeep + Jasmine. If you are in the mood to cook a dish to share or bring other food/drinks, we would welcome the contribution!

The Donation. Links are above. Please donate whatever amount you’d be willing to spend on dinner/concert night (we recommend no less than $50 per person). We fund this event entirely on our own, in hopes that we can achieve a return in multiples for the recipient organizations.

Timing. We have invited for 5pm so you can eat and mingle before the show, which starts at 6pm. Dinner will be served buffet style (including after the concert) so feel free to stick around to eat/drink.

Kids. Unfortunately, kids are not permitted in the wine shop, unless they are babies that are held/strapped to your bodies (yes, seriously, that’s the rule).

Inviting Friends. Please feel free to share this invitation with friends (ask that they RSVP); the only requirement for attendance is a donation to one of the recipient organizations.

Hosting. If you are interesting in hosting a Dincert at your home and would like some assistance, please email me!